OSS Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Webinar Series – Webinar #7

Response Considerations Beyond – Mandated Reporting of Child Sexual Abuse

Child sexual abuse is a crime and any observed, disclosed, or suspected abuse should be reported to designated authorities as prescribed by mandated reporter laws. However, there are nuances to consider in your response to alleged abuse as well as organizational boundary violations. This session will address topics such as preserving evidence, juvenile offenders, internal reporting, internal investigations, organizational consequences, reporting to licensing agencies, public communication, victim, parent and mandated reporter harassment, and post-incident reviews.

Bus Hijacker Apprehended Thanks to Heroic Driver

Larry Teixeira, O.S.S. President presents a plaque to Salena Torres, a bus driver for Southwest Transportation Agency honoring her at their in-service day. Tyler Houston with Keenan & Associates looks on. Due to Salena’s extraordinary presence of mind and bravery, she was able to ward off what could have been a disastrous situation to both herself and the students aboard her bus. A man boarded her bus with the intention of hijacking it and demanded she take him to the San Gabriel Mission.

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Webinar Series, Webinar #3

Boundaries that Intercede with Child Molesters’ Behaviors (Part 1) Claims of child abuse and molestation are in the news every day, often reporting multimillion-dollar settlements against schools. The current climate is demanding a shift in focus from abuse at home to abuse at school and from reporting to prevention. We are pleased to offer you the Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Webinar Series with Diane Cranley which will introduce specific steps to create an environment where child molesters virtually cannot succeed without being caught and therefore won’t want to work.

Monthly Safety Meeting Topic for November 2018 – Distracted Driving

The Monthly Safety Meeting topic for November is Distracted Driving. Please see the attached Safety Spotlight.

Each month we will be sending out a 1-2-page Safety Spotlight handout on the upcoming monthly safety meeting topic. This handout should be shared with your Principals and Directors as a tool for conducting a brief 5-10 minute safety overview with all staff (this can be done during regular department meetings). Please remember to have a sign-in sheet each month for your training records.