Monthly Safety Meting Topic – August 2018, Bloodborne Pathogens (BBP) Awareness

The monthly Safety Spotlight topic for August is Bloodborne Pathogens (BBP) Awareness.  The California Code of Regulations requires employers to have a written Exposure Control Plan which is designed to eliminate or minimize employee exposure tobloodborne pathogens. If you do not have a written Exposure Control Plan, please contact me for assistance.

For more information on bloodborne pathogens, please visit the Cal/OSHA website at

There have been several incidents of Heat Stroke/Heat Illness in athletes at the HS level during this heat wave and have been compounded by the wildfires.  Please also see the attached information on Heat Illness Prevention in Athletics.  The CIF has quite a bit of resources available for HS sports programs.  Here is the link to the CIF information –

This is also a good time to remind your employees about the signs and symptoms of Heat Illness.  Attached you’ll find the Safety Spotlight on Heat Illness Prevention.

Each month we will be sending out a 1-2-page Safety Spotlight handout on the upcoming monthly Safety Spotlight topic.  The attached handout should be shared with your Principals and Directors as a tool for conducting a brief 5-10 minute safety overview with all staff (this can be done during regular department meetings). Please remember to have a sign-in sheet each month for your training records.

Download Monthly Topic Here