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  • AED Maintenance and Training Standards (pdf) Download

  • Annual Playground Equipment Checklist (pdf) Download

  • Athletic Insurance Waiver Form (Consent for Medical Treatment & Athletic Ins Waiver-Needed for Proof of Private Ins 11/10/10) (pdf) Download

  • Auto Shop Maintenance & Repair Form (Risk Transfer/Repair Work Order & Waiver 11/10/10) (pdf) Download

  • Child Abuse Report Form and Instructions (pdf) Download

  • Child Abuse Reporting and Training Requirements (pdf) Download

  • Child Abuse Reporting/Comprehensive School Safety Plan (CSSP) (pdf) Download

  • Child Abuse Training Verification for Certified and Classified Substitutes (docx) Download

  • Consent to Treat a Minor (Authorization for Treatment of Minor 1/17/06) (pdf) Download

  • Contracting & Purchasing Forms (Personal Services Request, Invoice/Completion Notice, Agreement for Personal Services & Vendor Hold Harmless & Indemnity Agrmnt 1/17/06) (pdf) Download

  • COPsync911 App (pdf) Download

  • Donation-Sales Agreement (Risk Transfer-Equip or Property to Buyer 12/10/10) (pdf) Download

  • Emergency Drill Evaluation Form (pdf) Download

  • Employee Report of Injury (docx) Download

  • Forklift Operating Rules (pdf) Download

  • Garage Sales-Notice to Buyer (Sales Agreement 12/10/10) (pdf) Download

  • Globally Harmonized System-GHS (pdf) Download

  • Hepatitis B Vaccination Concent Form (pdf) Download

  • Hepatitis B Vaccination Declination Form (pdf) Download

  • Hold Harmless Forms (Hold Harmless & Indemnification Agreement 1/17/06) (pdf) Download