NCR RM Reward Program Announcement!

The NCR RM Reward Program parameters have been updated for the 17/18 program year to highlight a new micro-learning series on Keenan Safe Schools. This series is designed to help schools take the next step, beyond the required Mandated Reporter training, to provide enhanced training that increases awareness to prevent child abuse in the school community.  Ten districts will be chosen to receive $2,500. Please take a moment to review the attached memo highlighting the program’s new parameters and guidelines.

As an OSS member, you have access to Keenan’s Safe Schools online training program.  We can provide training on this system via a live meeting or webinar.

I have attached a couple additional documents that describe the program:

  • An implementation flyer that shows the employee information required to get your district started with Keenan’s Safe Schools program.
  • A general Keenan Safe Schools flyer outlining features and benefits of the program.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Amy Dolson at

NCR Risk Management Grant Program 2017 2018 MEMO