NCR Matching Grant Program – Applications Now Being Accepted!

The NCR Matching Grant Program Guidelines have been updated and the Application period is now open! Please note there have been a few changes to the eligibility requirements for this current program year.  When submitting your application you must be in compliance with the required safety inspections i.e. have been through the audit and fixed all high priority items if any noted during the inspection. In addition to submitting your application, an Affidavit is required to certify that you are in compliance with the Safety Inspection.  Attached please find the application and Affidavit for the 17/18 NCR Matching Grant Program.

Applications must be submitted between October 1st and November 15, 2017 (email or standard mail). The applications received will be entered into a lottery and reviewed at the NCR Underwriting/Member Services Committee on December 15, 2017, in order of selection. The districts selected will be awarded funds pending they meet the program guidelines until the $250K is exhausted.

A few other noteworthy requirements are: (Full details are in the attached Guidelines)

  • Only 1 grant per district every 3 years.  Attached is a list of districts that were awarded grants and therefore not eligible for the upcoming program year.  (Congratulations to the OSS members who have received grants over the past few years!)
  • This is a matching grant, which means if awarded $5,000 the District must spend $10,000 to receive the full $5,000.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Amy Dolson at

Guidelines & Affidavit