School Bus Driver is a local Hero

Jenine Valenzuela, school bus driver from Westside Elementary is a local hero.  She not only saved the lives of the children aboard her bus, but she kept them safe and calm for three hours.  No small feat if you’re familiar with young school age children.

During a recent storm, a huge gust of strong winds forced power poles to fall in domino style along the bus route near the school.  Valenzuela was able to keep the bus straight and stop it between two power poles, however high voltage live power lines fell directly on the bus.  She immediately told the children to stay inside the bus, remain quiet and keep away from the windows.  Some children were crying and several students said they could see the lines sparking.   PG&E was finally able to shut off the power and the power lines were cut.  The bus headed back to the school where the students were released to their parents, unharmed. Photo, from left to right: Amy Dolson, Risk Manager, Jenine Valenzuela (driver), George Cisneros, Director of Operations, and Bill Tucker, JPA Manager

Westside Elem